About Rob Nokes

Traveling the world in search of new sounds

"As a Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Effects Recordist / Designer I strive to provide sound effects that enhance the filmmakers' story and enable the filmgoer to believe that they are immersed in the story with the characters. Recording and experiencing sounds from all over the world increases my knowledge and capability to select and create the best sound effects for the film.

Over the past few years, I have recorded Fireworks in the Punta Del Este harbor in Uruguay , tropical fish in Saipan, spelunking the caves of Tinian, World War II planes, a Stuart Tank, spelunking the Christmas Caves in the Chezk Republic, numerous Monasteries in Prague, WWII concentration camp, the steppes of Kazakhstan for indigenous voices and music, Chilean racetracks, the LA morgue, go-karts, modified cars, numerous dogs, football games, college basketball, junk yards, F-18 Jets, and a lot more. View my sound effects recording photo library. In addition to recording a lot, I purchase the copyrights to sound effects libraries, most notably SoundStorm (8 time Academy Award nominee & winner for Best Sound Editing), Casablanca (Crash, The Fly), and Master's Workshop (Michael Jordan at the Max)".


Rob Nokes

My career started in 1987 in my hometown, Winnipeg, Canada. Just before I turned 17 I got a job as a cameraman and TV Switcher for the local racetrack network. Following a couple of years of doing that, I went to a school called OIART on a whim and by 1990 I was in Toronto working at a studio called Masters Workshop. continue reading


The original Sounddogs company was created in Toronto by Greg King and Nelson Ferrera, as an editorial company. In '95 Greg and I moved down to LA and we partnered with Bob Grieve, and we formed Sounddogs USA. So there's Sounddogs Canada and Los Angeles, and about 8 years later Steven Barden and Craig Hennigan formed Sounddogs New York. continue reading

Rob's Gear Preferences

The Deva-5 is the best type of recorder to use wherever possible, the recording quality and technical specifications are very good, however, when recording something that may be dangerous or difficult to get to it's better to use a Zoom H4 handheld recorder. I also use a Korg MR-100 recorder. The MICs I like... continue reading